Guide to Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical liberation through Prayer, Cleansing, Herbs, and Young Living Essential Oils

Surrender and let go to receive. You ARE the medicine, You ARE the earth, You Are Spirit. Utilize the power of plants to re-member your divine wellness, purpose, live your truth, and liberate your voice!
Your life and the dreams of your heart are a song worth singing.

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Essential Oil Empowerment with The Love Faery

Why Young Living Essential Oils?

True Essential Oils raise your energetic frequency which helps you let go of dense energies and keeps you above the wellness line. They keep you feeling and smelling amazing! Young Living has their own farms all over the world. I have visited a few and I trust their process of cultivation and intention. These therapeutic grade and food grade essential oils are perfect for cleansing your energy and letting go of trapped emotional energy. Every emotion has a physical alarm point. As we integrate Spiritual and Emotional lessons our bodies are released into alignment. Our limbic system has a library of emotional memories, many of which can only be activated by our olfactory system and sense of smell. I have been studying emotional release and cleansing with essential oils for 10 years. I have made an order every month during that time because these products are vital to my family’s health and wellness. Do you choose health and emotional freedom?

I am passionate about empowering you with the tools you need for prosperity. So I am offering one free consultation to help you get started with the products best suited to your intentions. Contact me to set up a session with me and move into more freedom today!


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