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History of Tarot Cards

Tarot can be a language of the Divine in us, a way that our hearts and spirits can lovingly speak to us and encourage us on our highest path to love and joy. For centuries, this tool has been haunted with secrecy, fear, dark imagery, and religious judgment which made these card decks seem shadowy and frightening. Even many Christians and other religions today believe that Tarot Cards would be listed as one of the “prohibited” divination tools in the Old Testament. Yes, folks, you heard that right, you are on the road to darkness and hell if you even look at Tarot Cards. (hint of sarcasm intended) As with any so-called “divination tool” the source/spirit and intention behind the messages is really what matters, not the cards themselves. We give objects power not the other way around.

However, Tarot actually began as a game full of laughter, happiness, and community back in the early 15th century in Northern Italy way after the Biblical Era. As time went on, people began to see that these cards told a story that mirrored their lives. They began to believe there was some sort of magical quality to them. And in a way, there is.

How To Use Tarot Cards

I would say I have a different perspective and way of how to read Tarot Cards for Spiritual Guidance and insight than many other professional readers I have encountered. But truly, as an intuitive reader, I would also say there is not a wrong or right way of going about it. Let’s begin with some Quantum Science.

The Law Of Attraction is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. It manifests through the power of creation, everywhere and in many ways. Even the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction. This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations, circumstances, and in this case – cards.

The Law of Vibration states anything that exists in our Universe, whether seen or unseen, broken down into and analyzed in its purest and most basic form, consists of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern.

I believe Tarot is more of a roadmap presenting the current vibration and trajectory of the person a card reading is for. This can change at any given moment which debunks the idea that it is a “fortune-telling” or “divination tool” that can tell you your future as if you are a victim of fate or just some parlor trick.  However, admittedly many tarot readers use it this way. In my opinion, this puts them in the place of God in someone’s life. I do not agree with this as I feel it disempowers people and my mission is divine empowerment – reconnecting people with their own access to Spirit. 

All someone can really know for certain is the energy and actions surrounding the present and how those current vibrations might affect the future. So instead, a more empowered way to use the cards is to co-create the future with the divine by increasing awareness of one’s heart space and spiritual integrity – recognizing the powerful effect of setting intentions. So either a reading can come from a clarity of soul vibration or divine intervention. 

The “magick” comes in when the tarot reading originates from a place of surrendering to the Highest Good of all, not in knowing all the answers or controlling the outcome. (Also described as the will of God/Source/Creator or Divine Plan, what some may call Destiny or Prophecy.) This too can come through readings as a divine download on the highest frequency, empowering a person to shift into their highest potential. This kind of reading is my personal favorite! I often will ask for divine guidance on what requires awareness and what steps to move forward in the highest way. Using Tarot Cards as an intuitive personal and spiritual growth tool!

The symbolism in Tarot reminds me of the dream world. Some decks have cards that represent shadows within us or our lives and others are more “in the light.” The truth is, however, we all have light and dark within us. A battle that rages on in our human experience. Nightmares and dark imagery appear in our dreams giving us warnings and important messages of transformation. There is nothing to fear in the shadows because only love is real and love is always guiding us back to the light, even in our own darkness. The key is bringing our attention back to the light – to the energy of love. It is important to master our inner life by embracing and loving all aspects of our humanity as well as our divinity. I believe Tarot Cards can be a Divine Tool of Spiritual Transformation.

Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards

Energetically, a Tarot reading brings a more detailed storyline and Oracle cards bring insight into the greater sense of a situation. Tarot cards are like the pages within a book, Oracle cards are like an overview or bigger picture. I enjoy the simplicity of Oracle Decks but other times it is helpful to focus in on the details. Although there are some differences between oracle and tarot card readings, both are powerful tools for guidance, clarity, and a new perspective.

What Is An Oracle

What Is An oracle healer - Tatiana The Love Faery

An Oracle is a spiritual conduit of Spirit, who remembers his or her true Self, and is rooted in LOVE. An Oracle remembers the oneness of the Universe and the mission to care for our planet. Oracles intuitively know how to offer healing energy to others as well as themselves. They have a gift for interpreting the metaphorical messages, sings, sounds, or symbols from Spirit. They listen to their heart and naturally takes on the roll to guide others in listening to the wisdom of their own hearts. Historically, Oracles remembered and recorded songs and stories to keep them alive. When Socrates asked The Oracle of Delphi how he could become wiser, she told him to “Know Thyself.”

Rider Waite Tarot Cards - Tatiana The Love Faery

Tarot Cards

78 Card Deck traditionally structured and speak to the details of one’s life story. Most decks are derived from the famous Rider-Waite deck, featuring the traditional wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. Other decks use elements such as fire, water, air, and earth, or other symbolism to represent the suits. 

Major arcana – Arcana means “mysteries.”  Symbolically represents a story woven through cards 0-21 addressing the big events and transitions in life (births, weddings, new jobs). It all begins with a Dreamer’s Journey.

Minor arcana – Represents the other 57 cards similar to a deck of playing cards addressing our everyday experiences. This section includes pip cards (cards numbered Ace to Ten) in four suits. Most decks use the page, knight queen, and king for the court cards which often represent ourselves or other people in our lives.

Oracle Cards - Tatiana The Love Faery

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a free-flowing form and are believed to be developed from Tarot back in 19th century France. Both decks are alike in how they are used to receive spiritual guidance. However, oracle cards do not include suits, court cards, or arcana and can be any amount of cards. They are a powerful way for people to learn to trust and sharpen their own intuition and connection to Spirit.  A modern invention, oracle decks come without the traditional rules and years of history of Tarot.

There are many different types of decks with a variety of functions. They can be essentially whatever the creator of the deck chooses – how many cards, the imagery, and purpose. Oracle cards have words and images, along with a book as a guideline of how readers can interpret them. I like to think of them as divine encouragement and inspiration infusion decks! 

Angel Cards - Tatiana The Love Faery

Angel Cards

Angel cards access the energies of angelic beings that embody God’s love, care, and protection. Angel messages provide inspiration, encouragement, positive affirmations, and guidance for whatever challenges you face. The lessons angel cards address all aspects of human life, but center on spiritual advice. 

I am a Certified Angel Card Reader and Angel Intuitive. I feel very connected to Heaven and the angelic realm. I often ask for the healing assistance of angels during readings and energy sessions. Most of my decks are considered “Angel Cards” which are generally 44 cards, which is how I got started with readings actually. The numbers 44 and 444 are associated with the angels. When repeating 4s show up in your life, it may be the angelic realm letting you know you are being divinely guided and protected.

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