Hi! I Am The Love Faery

New spiritual pop music, top conscious artists, songwriter, spiritual guide, energy healer, essential oil specialist, and mom of four beautiful children currently based in Houston, Texas.

My mission is to raise the vibration of our planet and help guide you through your spiritual awakening process. To support you as you embrace your shadow and your light, own your creative power, and manifest a life you love.

Through my offerings, I pray you are awakened and empowered fully in your sovereignty and highest potential. That your personal relationship with yourself, Source, and our Universe is strengthened. Bringing more sacred magick into your daily life and helping you to be the joyful #superattractor powerhouse we all are! LOVE is the answer. It is time to reconnect to Spirit and align with divine order and the angelic realm of support available to us!

Enjoy exploring my site and if you have any questions or would like a private consultation with me please feel free to reach out below.

The Love Faery

Spiritual Conscious Music

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